Living On a Prayer

The Most Important Thing Rob Learned in 7 Years of College at The Univeristy of Louisville

April 5, 2019

The following was told to me by Dr. David Bruning, my Astrophysics professor at The University of Louisville, who has a Ph.D. in Physics from The University of Arizona:

Our Earth is composed of seven main plates/continents/land masses. Whenever two of these plates rub up against each other for any reason, this causes seismic activity or earthquakes. Scientists have sent robots down to the bottom of our ocean floors to pick up mineral samples and what came back was not of this Earth: the samples that came back from the ocean floors could ONLY come from outer space. This means that the ocean floors used to be above ground and what's above ground right now used to be on our ocean's floor. EVERYBODY in the scientific community agrees that, just like clock-work, every 10,000 years something cataclysmic happens that wipes out the better part of humanity and sets what few survivors remain back to the Stone Age. They ALSO agree that this has been going on for hundreds of thousands, if not millions of years, and that the last cataclysmic event was supposed to happen about 200 years ago and NONE of them can explain why it hasn't happened yet...