"What do you despise? By this you are truly known." - Frank Herbert, Dune

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Transvestite Top Army General says "Russia has Already Lost the War" after Red Army Slaughters 257,000+ Ukrainian Troops and Annexes HALF of Ukraine; Zelensky Lowers Conscription Age to 16 - Part II - Did you know that EVERY city and town in Ukraine was completely destroyed in the first 3 weeks of the war except the capital? Now you know why EVERY mainstream media video report on the war is ALWAYS from Kiev - Rob

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Two Ukrainian Su-25 Fighter Jets Shot Down near Russian/Ukraine Border on July 23

European Union Quietly Lifts Ban on Supplying Ukraine with Weapons and Technology

NATO Shoots Down Bush's Plans for Ukraine and Georgian Membership

Truce Falls Apart in Kiev; Ukraine Descends into Civil War: 100+ Dead, 1,000+ Injured - Part II - Part III

Sinister Illusions

Ukraine Heats Up - Part II - Part III - Part IV - More than 90% of Crimeans speak Russian and more than 90% of Crimeans voted in a separate referendum to rejoin Russia back in 2014. Crimea was part of Russia since the 1700s, but in the 1950s, Soviet leader Khrushchev turned control of Crimea over to Ukraine for political reasons. Crimea and its people then suffered greatly as Ukraine poured very little money or resources into Crimea and its countryside soon decayed into ghetto like conditions. The Russian Federation turned this around when Crimea voted to rejoin Russia, immediately pouring billions of rubles and resources into Crimea. If you TALK to the people of Crimea, you'll find their conditions and environment have greatly improved since rejoining Russia 7 years ago. The people are a lot happier and very few of them want to rejoin Ukraine. The reason America is trying to push Crimea back in to the hands of Ukraine is because the huge oil and natural gas fields sitting underneath and just off the shores of Crimea have been promised to American oil & gas companies for exploitation.

Wings on Venice Beach in 1993?

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