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"The hearts of all men dwell in the same wilderness." - Frank Herbert, Dune

Stairway to Heaven

Can You Explain These Six Videos?

Here is a Snapshot of All the Times the "person" in apartment 613 at 459 Hartford Avenue in Los Angeles has banged on my ceiling from March 2, 2024 - April 10, 2024; Its been going on since November of 2022 - Part II - Part III - Part IV - Part V - Part VI

Coming Home

Allegory of the Cave and the Nature of Reality

How Spirituality Protects You from Depression

The Homecoming


Warning: This Website May Harm Your Preconceptions

The Global Dark Night of the Soul

On Raising Your Level of Consciousness

Is This Why Everybody Stares at Me Everywhere I Go? - Do you know what its like having a packed restaurant of people stare at you the entire time you're eating (on multiple occasions)? Or how about two women sitting in the booth next to you taking off ALL of their clothes in broad daylight inside a packed restaurant just because I started singing?

On U.S. Army Values

The Bronx Bomber Syndrome

The Inversion

Saving Lives by Killing People: The War on Reality - Part II

The Onslaught of an Endless War on Humanity

On Fourth Generation Warfare

  • Here's an entirely different Theosophical viewpoint on the Covid vaccine mandates (Or how to claim a religious exemption from vaccination): There is a soul inside EVERY human being. When you look in to a person's eyes, you're looking in to a mirror of their soul. The definition of a soul is a piece of God. Theosophical literature and dogma clearly state that your physical body is The Temple of the Living God. (Did you see any tattoos or track marks on Rob in his recent 'Not bad for 55?' photo?) Now I ask you: Is it a GOOD IDEA to inject a substance who's main ingredients are graphine oxide and antifreeze (#25) in to the body of a living God, yes or no? You don't have to be a medical doctor to know the answer to that question...

    How Lack of Religion Leads to Mental Illness

    The Banners of the King of Hell Advance

    Jews on Jesus

    Must Humanity Bow to False Gods?

    The Houses of Dead and Crooked Souls

    Is Spiritual Warfare Upon Us?

    Scientology and the Aftermath - Part II - Part III: Where's Shelly? - ANY religion that makes you PAY to read their texts or scriptures isin't a religion; it's a scam. By the way, the OTs Scientology charges tens of thousands of dollars for you to read are based upon the writings of Aleister Crowley, who is the founder of Satanism in America - Rob

    NYU Professor Mark Crispin Miller on Conspiracy Theories - Anybody who questions the official (bullshit) mainstream media storyline narrative is automatically labelled a 'conspiracy theorist' - Rob

    The Battle for Reality

    The War for Your Soul

    And Now a Few Words From the Opposition...

    March of Democracy

    The Top Ten Countries that No Longer Exist

    Breakfast with Rob

    Brunch with Rob

    Lunch with Rob

    Dinner on Rob

    Life with Rob

    Sleeping with Rob

    When Rob Discovered Rock & Roll: 1969 Age 3

    Remember the 1982 MTV House Party? click here - or here - or here - or here

    Not Bad for 55?

    Working with Rob

    Deep Inside Rob's Apartment - Part II - Part III - Part IV - Part V - Part VI - Part VII

    The View from Rob's Roof Deck, April 28, 2024

    People Really Win!


    Time for Humanity

    May All Be Revealed

    Plato and the Big Picture

    Knowledge, Truth and Human Action

    Must the Etymological Animal Slip Out of the Cage of Habit to Grasp Truth?

    If a Tree Falls in a Forest...

    What Exactly is Intelligence?

    Home Depot Jumps Down Retail Theft Rabbit Hole: Guess What They Found?

    The Only Place on Earth where they Let You Out of Jail after Ten Years for Driving Down the Interstate DRUNK THE WRONG WAY, Smashing into an Army Church Bus from Fort Knox and Killing 24 Children

    When Irish Eyes Were Cryin'

    April 5, 2011 is the 25th Anniversary of the Berlin LaBelle's Discoteque Bombing - Tripoli and Benghazi, Libya were Bombed the Very Next Day

    On Walls & Wide Open Borders

    The Arab Spring - I will stake my name & reputation on the fact that Ronald Reagan did NOT bomb Libya in 1986 under false pretenses as I am the person who is directly responsible for Operation: El Dorado Canyon - If you don't believe me, ask ANY of the people involved in the 1986 Operation El Dorado Canyon - Rob

    And Then Your Soul is Gone: Moral Injury and the Forever Wars

    Bombing Libya

    The Day That Changed Everything Wasn't 9/11

    The Berlin Wall: Yesterday vs. Today

    What the Dismantling of the Berlin Wall Means 30 Years Later

    Enemy Assets

    Libya to Compensate Victims of the April, 1986 Berlin LaBelle's Discoteque Bombing - Part II

    Recently Declassified 1980's Dogfight over the Mediterranean: Two U.S. Navy F-14s vs. Two Libyan Mig-23s

    The Lonely Soldier and the Moral Scars of War

    The Spy Who Compromised Me

    Death Strip

    Is the Fight to Liberate Humanity from Oppression, Exploitation, Butchery and Madness Really a Fight to Expand Consciousness?

    One Unabomber Moment Away from Sanity in a Part-Time Snippet World

    Zero Point

    Small Acts of Resistance: How Courage, Tenacity, and a Bit of Ingenuity Can Change the World

    Popular Complacency in an Era of Economic Exploitation and Perpetual War

    Being an Enemy of the State

    Learning to Shine Through the Ruins

    Media, Mind-Control, & Meditation: Plato's E-Cave Panopticon and Beyond

    Know Thyself

    Return to Life

    An Idea Gone Missing in the Land

    Are Global Crises Spiritual?

    Banality, Laughter, and Mass Murder

    Why the Rabbis Crucified Christ

    The Pain Principle

    Globalist War Against Humanity Shifts into High Gear

    Global Corruption Soars

    Are Rich People Unethical? - Part II - Part III

    Fear in a Handful of Dust: The Sacred Vehemence of Imagination in a Soulless Age

    Contesting the Systems of Power

    The American Deep State, Deep Events, and Off-the-Books Financing

    The New Immoral Age

    Surgical Totalitarianism

    American Apocalypse

    Seeing the Reality of the Vietnam War, 50 Years Late

    The State's Worst Atrocity

    What Our Dysfunctional World Needs

    What Strengthens and Weakens Our Integrity: Why Small Choices Count

    When We Can No Longer Tell the Truth

    You in Humanity

    The Art of Becoming Human

    Minds, Not Mines: Why the Real Revolution is being Achieved with Consciousness, Not Bombs

    Why the New Paradigm was Inevitable

    Introduction to Intelligibility

    What Comes Down Must Rise Again

    An End to Ignorance

    The Obscenity of War in a World of Need and Suffering

    Roads to Perdition, Paths of Righteousness, and the Gray Area In Between

    Reviving the Spirit of Existential Rebellion in a World of Propaganda, Lies, and Self Deception

    Reality and Dreams

    The Battle Against Evil

    Top Five Ouija Board Sessions Gone Wrong

    More Ouija Board Sessions Gone Wrong

    Breaking the Illusion of Power

    Why Truth Matters

    The Mechanism of Invisible Hand, Invisible Cage, and Invisible Empire over Humanity and Nature

    Are the Global Elite Insane and Incredibly Violent?

    The Birth of Modern Thought-Crime

    The Global Reversal of the Social Evolution of Humanity

    How to Overcome the Elite's Divide and Rule Control over a Divided Nation and World

    Are All of Humanity's Problems Caused by a Lack of Awareness?

    Corporate Plunder and Conquest of the Governed

    The Fatal Attractions of Techno-Fascism

    The Fascinating Spell Cast by Weasels

    Monkey on a Stick

    The Demoralized Mind

    Is it Bettter to Light One Candle than to Curse the Darkness?

    The Spiritualisation of Culture

    The Power of Kindness - Part II

    The Highly Invasive Private Financial Cancer Metastasizing Across our Society

    Variations of Racism and Bigotry Devaluing Human Rights and Life Itself

    Tribal Nationalism vs Global Unity


    Precious Life

    Empire's Twilight

    A Simple Idea with a Powerful Punch

    Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil

    Why Good People Comply with Evil - Part II - Part III - Part IV

    The Immense Hunger

    Does the Human Race Have a Global Drug Problem?

    Reality, Consciousness, and the Case for Free Will

    Disembodied Americans and the Crucifixion of the World

    The West's War on God

    Was the Waco Massacre Worse Than You Thought?

    Theosophical University Press Online

    Project Soul Catcher

    Top Ten Shocking Internet Statistics

    Top Ten Little Known Facts about Rob Kettenburg

    Knocked Out Unconscious on His Front Lawn by Rob's Father after a Fight Broke Out - A Judge fined my father ten dollars to which he replied, "Here's twenty, let me hit him again!" and ANOTHER fight broke out inside the Courthouse... We were next door neighbors back in the 1950s-60s...

    Who Would Jesus Bomb?

    Was Jesus Married with Children?

    Suppressing a Truth Gives it Strength Beyond Endurance - Part II - Part III - Part IV

    The Homecoming

    Another Crazy Drunk Just Attacked Rob with a Metal Crutch while He was Doing His Laundry for Refusing to Close the Door So He Wouldn't be Locked Out - I Still Love You Los Angeles - Rob

    First Crackhead Peacock Threatens to Kill Me for Handing a Gallon of Milk to a Lady in a Wheel Chair during a Food Bank Hand Out That I Set Up, Now He's Waiting for Me/Stalking Me as I Return from a Store Run and then Threatens to Kill Me AGAIN for Opening the Main Door for Him

    Screenshot of 12th & Wilshire in Downtown Los Angeles, May 3, 2024 - 30,000+ Homeless in San Diego County + 70,000+ Homeless in Los Angeles County = 100,000+ HOMELESS IN 2 COUNTIES!

    You Can Remember Your Past Lives

    Wings on Venice Beach in 1993???

    Two Wings of the Same Bird?

    Putin Reveals Origin of Weapons Used Against Israel during Hamas Attack

    Beyond Death

    Science Experiment Proves Life After Death

    Woman who Tried Kidnapping Partner from Past Life Arrested in Mumbai

    The Darkness and the Light

    Living On a Prayer: The Most Important Thing Rob Learned in 7 Years of College at The University of Louisville

    It is Not for Kings to Drink Wine

    The Most Important Thing Rob Learned during his 8 Years in the United States Army

    The 30 Year Single Elimination Suck Up Tournament

    Unanswered Questions? click here

    Little Known Edgar Cayce Predictions - He was 98% accurate and he also predicted Armistice Day over a year before World War I ended - Rob

    Are Earth's Magnetic Poles Shifting?

    Mary in the Black & White Room: Is Consciousness Part of the Fabric of the Universe?

    What is Effective Altruism?

    BEFORE I DIE: Books I've Read that have Changed My Life

    Do the Evolution